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Next Human and Civil Rights meeting is January 27th at 4pm. Please see Committee page for zoom link.

Next Rep Council

Meeting is January

20th at 4PM.

Thursday, January 14, 2021


Notice of General Information Meeting Regarding MOUs for In-Person Instruction

See Bargaining

page for link.

If you are interested in being a representative at the NEA RA Conference in July 2-6, an application must be filed out by January 29th.  This year the conference will be held virtually. 


Here at MEA, we advocate for teachers, nurses, early childhood educators, speech and language pathologists, and school psychologists employed by the Murrieta Valley Unified School District. Our mission is to protect contractual rights and to bargain for the compensation and benefits necessary for our members to provide for their own families as they nurture, educate and offer emotional support to the students of our community.

 Covid MOU Fall 2020

Members in Action

Pam Guzman, Candace Whisenand, and Alexandra Shores @ the 2020 Human ans Civil Rights Conference

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